Explore Virtual Rooms


With accessibility to real-life consultation events being a challenge, Formswell can provide unique ‘Virtual Engagement Rooms.’  Theses CovidSAFE virtual consultation rooms allow anyone with access to a web-enabled device to visit a community event online. A wealth of project information including expert videos, live chats/webinars, interactive maps, before/after 3D visualisations and more are displayed at-a-glance in a fully-realised 360° environment (with day/night lighting set to the time of device being used).


Virtual engagement, virtual events and virtual information centre rooms are comprehensively tracked with Community Analytics (CA). This allows detailed, quality stakeholder data to be viewed in real-time and accessed/exported easily, ensuring ROI and informed insight for future events or campaigns.

Virtual Room Examples:
Light Rail Stage 2A Virtual Room
CIT Campus Woden